About Christian K.P. McMahon


He’s Lois Lane rocketed to a strange land as a baby and raised on a pre-explosion version of Krypton. That is to say, due to Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosed at 18 months of age, his physical powers are lesser than most on this planet. Through hip and knee replacement surgery, a restless spirit, dumb luck and dancing his ass off at raves in the late nineties despite the enormous weight of all of the plastic bead jewelry trying to crush his fragile skeleton, he’s currently doing a o.k.

Thus, in his current role as an intrepid boy/girl reporter, his mission is to explore the edges of possibility, to craft a meaningful life among the Kryptonians, to see, do and move through as much of this strange land as possible.

Frequently, he can be found leaving his home in Los Angeles for just about anywhere else. Lately, this has included missions to SCUBA dive in the Caribbean, hike the eastern Sierras, drive all over the west, camp in the desert, live like the king of the dirtbag bon vivants in the french alps, and enjoy art anywhere it can be found.

Aside from this blog, he’s also available as a freelance writer. If you’re interested, contact him here.


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