Rooted in Rights Disability Justice

How Rule Changes for CalFresh Will Positively Impact Disabled Californians

What Transportation Access Really Means for Disabled People

Showing Up in Public in a Disabled Trans Body

Slowing Down and Embracing Surgical Recovery is Still Living

Midterm Elections are Over, But Our Work for Disability Representation in Government Isn’t Done

Why We All Need to Fight for the Rights of Transgender Disabled People

For Disabled People, the Path to Employment is Still a Maze

Sex Education is for Everyone. Even Disabled Kids.

Picture This: a Disability Community That’s Truly Inclusive of All


Personal Essays

BuzzFeed Reader – I’m Trans, Disabled, And Tired Of Fighting To Get Into Bathrooms

Catapult – How the Affordable Care Act Allowed Me to Work

The Toast – Creation Myth

The Dirtbag Diaries – How She Got There


Reviews and Miscellany

Disability In KidLit – Far From You

The Toast – Suggested Activities For Convalescing After a Long Illness Adaptive Diving

Divers With Disabilities Try Scuba For The First Time

Dive Pirates

Scuba Schools International (SSI) Classified Diving

Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA)

International Association for Handicapped Divers – Scuba Training

What Makes an Adaptive Dive Instructor Special?

Adaptive Scuba Gear for Divers With Disabilities

What is Adaptive Diving and Who Can Participate?


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