Music for Embarking

Congratulations! You’re reading the first ever, inaugural, fancy-pants, Bionic Tumbleweed post!

To start off it seemed appropriate to share two recent songs that make me want to get going no matter where I am or what’s going on in the background.


Clearly this video gets bonus points for featuring inpatients taking over the asylum whilst looking oh-so-cool doing it. Next time I’m in a hospital, I’ll most certainly wear a tux. Beyond that, my inner hippie likes the metaphor that we all tip on our own tightropes. Also, boogying down, my inner hippie likes to boogie down.


Being from Los Angeles, I speak near perfect Spanglish. That said, my Spanish is abysmal. I don’t really know what Juana is singing here, it might be about angry bees killing us all in our sleep. However, it sounds so much like what goes on in my head when I’m hitting a stride on a hike or a swim. It’s so joyfully persistent and almost defiant that I can’t help but like it.


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