Behind The Curtain

The road in Arches NP UT

There are moments in life when the universe will literally club you over the head with beauty if you pay just a little bit of attention. This can happen diving the depths of the ocean and conversing with the glittering and exotic life that you find there. It can happen kayaking the remotest river as the birdsongs sweep over you, caressing your weary arms and urging you gently onward. It can happen wandering alone on a deserted foreign beach in the middle of the night as the warming breeze combines with the lulling surf, convincing you that you are a tiny yet beautiful part of the infinite.

Fortunately, it can also happen as you speed along the highway in your cheap japanese car singing much too loudly and quite off key to the most vulgar pop songs and feeling sorry for yourself because of some perceived insensitivity that was wrought by some stranger or another. This is, after all, the Universe we’re talking about. The Universe doesn’t care about the relative epicness of your stamina, and it certainly doesn’t care about your ability to get off road.

Here are just a few examples of A.D.A. approved roadside conversations with the infinite:


The Road to Leadville CO

Driving to Leadville Colorado as the clouds and sunlight perform a dance of the seven veils, revealing, then covering, then revealing those lusty hills.


Denali NP road

The road through Denali NP in Alaska. As an added bonus, you can’t even drive your own car. To lessen environmental impact all visitors must ride the park shuttle.


The California Coast

The California coast affords many opportunities to watch man and animal alike engaging in ecstatic chest bumps and only the highest of fives.


Is that Mars? No, it's Arches UT

Arches NP in Utah does a pretty amazing imitation of Mars at sunset though it left me nervously glancing skyward for fear of anvils and Acme brand safes.


Rocky Mountain National Park

In Rocky Mountain NP Colorado I didn’t even have to get out of the car. The light was so gorgeous I actually pulled over because I was overwhelmed by giddiness and couldn’t stop laughing. Only then did I notice prettiness happening, so I rolled down my window and took this shot.

If you’re newly disabled and figuring it all out, disabled and proud and looking for adventure, or able bodied but intimidated by nature I want you to ask yourself this; How much better would it feel to be pulled over on the side of some road somewhere laughing with the infinite than it feels to be sitting home waiting to be magically transformed into Bear Grylls?


6 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain

  1. Awesome shots! I really like that last one. 🙂

  2. Beverly Swift says:

    Christine, you’re so talented. Love, Bev (Alison’s mom)

  3. Absolutely Stunning!!!

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